The two most famous places in Paris are Champs Elysees and Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  2 million visitors visit Père-Lachaise every year. This 44-hectare green oasis lies in the capital’s 20th arrondissement. Both open-air museum and public garden.

You can visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery with special books, IPhone or smartphone

  • : a general tour, or themed tours, the celebrities generally present themselves
  • for smartphones: you organize your visit and a set of QRCode gives you access to audio files of the celebrities
  • audio recordings delivered to an MP3 player that you will keep and listen at leisure


The e- : Pere Lachaise characters

Find the Spirit of the residents, their presentation, their comments today with e-books « The stories of Pere Lachaise » ebooks enriched with links and multimedia

We also offer theme and content tailored for groups, associations, language courses …


The life of dead celebrities at Père Lachaise. Dialogue with the deads